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Counting success rate is difficult as it really depends on what trading set up you are using. In our honest opinion, the success rate for Harmonic Pattern Trading can go from 58% to 98%. Don't be surprise of the success rate 98%. It is the count of success rate for the Risk Rewards ratio smaller than 0.3. You might have your success rate of 35% but if your Risk Rewards Ratio is greater than 5. You can still make lots of money in financial trading. The point here is that the success rate for Harmonic Pattern is very competitive in comparison to other trading setup.

Main difference is probably that Harmonic Pattern Plus is designed to develop strong trading strategy with statistically tuning. Harmonic Pattern Plus was developed by Mathematician, Statistician and Professional Traders worked long time for financial trading industry. Naturally we don't trust any website articles and we only trust statistical proof of the algorithm. There are a huge difference between Trading strategy tuned statistically and Trading strategy blindly applied. Of course, we will always recommend you to stay with statistically tuned trading strategy for your success in financial trading and investment.

Simply speaking Harmonic Pattern is a predictive tool for a trend reversal points (i.e. turning points.). Unlike other trend reversal predictor, Harmonic Pattern gauges the entry timing using 5 geometric points. On this ends, two things are quite important. Firstly, Harmonic Pattern uses direct price information to gauge overbought and oversold condition. For a good comparison, RSI indicator processes raw price into a oscillating curve between 100 and 0. With the mathematical transformation, RSI tends to produce some region in which the oscillator is totally unresponsive to its original price movement. This unresponsive region happens when the mathematical transformation applies to highly noisy price series. Such a limitation can be seen from other mathematical transformation such as William's percent or Stochastic oscillator. Therefore, the geometric pattern drawn from the direct price information like Harmonic Patterns tends to outperform other technical indicators with lots of mathematical processing of original price series. Secondly, Harmonic Pattern pinpoint the turning point over the original price series and therefore it is a fastest turning point predictor available as far as I am concern. I am not here to say that any traders using Harmonic Pattern can make lots of money always. However, carefully used, you can take a lot of advantage over the fast entry of Harmonic Pattern Trading.

You can develop 100% hand free trading robot or semi automated trading robots with our Harmonic Pattern Plus. However Harmonic Pattern Scenario Planner can not be used to do the same as it is using even heavier algorithm than Harmonic Pattern Plus.

We provide several strong Price Action and Pattern Trading Software like Price Breakout Pattern Scanner. Each individual software can be used on its own. So it is only optional to have other Price Action and Pattern Trading Software with your Harmonic Pattern Plus. From our experience, it is true that combining several different Price Action and Pattern Trading Software can improve your trading results though.

Yes, they are identical in terms of functionality. However occasionally we witnessed that brokers feed different data to MT4 and MT5 terminals. In such a case, there can be slightly difference in term of detected patterns. Otherwise, both MT4 and MT5 version should detect the same patterns. 

Scenario Planner uses Monte Carlos like Simulation and therefore, the computation can be quite heavy. A lot of professional traders and investors rely on Monte Carlos simulation nowadays. Therefore, we can't really blame this technological advancement. Here I give you quick way to deal with heavy computation issue. One way of making the simulation faster for Harmonic Pattern Scenario Planner is to reduce simulation trial. This is literally how many iterations of simulation the Scenario Planner will go through to provide you valuable information about future patterns and future trend reversal points. So try to use the setting below to reduce some computation under your scenario parameter section.

Simulation trial = 50 (Default is 100)
Forecast projects = 15 or 20 (Default is 30).

This can make your simulation twice faster than its default setting. Remember that fine simulation resolution (more simulation trials) will give you richer information about future patterns but they will be slow in computation. You can use rough simulation resolution (less trials) but make sure, it is not too rough so you don't miss some important price level which pattern might be formed. Although the explanation looks very technical, in fact the traders do not need to know all these technical terms. Just use the Scenario Planner to identify future trend reversal points and eliminate many redundant scenarios with large MAPE and make your scenario simpler. Once this is done, apply this information in your trading.