Trading Competition Participation Event (From 20 Jan 2015 to 15 May 2015)

Any of our customers who purchased Harmonic Pattern Plus, Harmonic Pattern Scenario Planner, Price Breakout Pattern Scanner or Sideways Market analyzer (at least one software) can enter our "Trading Competition Participation Event".  To join this event, all you have to do is to sign up on any international or domestic event and you need to participate in that trading competition. We don't involve to organize trading competition by ourselves and you can select any independent trading competition from your country or other country. You can literally enter any international or domestic trading competition as long as the competition include more than 500 contenders and they last at least 4 weeks period. If your trading performance is ranked within 5% among all contenders (i.e within 50th if there are 1000 contenders), then you can claim one of following software as your prize from us including:

  • Harmonic Pattern Plus
  • Harmonic Pattern Scenario Planner
  • Price Breakout Pattern Scanner
  • Sideways Market Analyzer
  • Lucky Pip MT5 to MT4 Trade Copier

The event will be starting from 20 January 2015 to 15 May 2015. Note that we don't ask you to win in that competition and we know that is very difficult plus you will need a lot of luck to do so. However based on our trading experience, this is really achievable if you have the right discipline in Price Action and Pattern Trading. Plus achieving good results in the trading competition is also good for your own trading career. Therefore, we really encourage you to join our Trading Competition Participation Event for your own good. As a prize you can collect more of Price Action and Pattern Trading Software to improve your trading skills.


Rules to enter the event and to claim your prize

You can enter any international and domestic trading competition and you will only need to have at least one of our four Price Action and Pattern software to join our Trading Competition Participation Event. The competition must have the English written webpage. So we can access to the web page. In addition, the trading competition must have more than 500 contenders and it should last longer than 4 weeks at least. Also your trading style must be related to our Price Action and Pattern Trading Software somehow. To claim your prize, we need to know your name and your country and what is your rank achieved in the competition as well as other trading statistics. We will ask for short and simple interview about your experience and trading strategy in your trading competition. The prize Software will be provided for your active MT4 or MT5 live account with unlimited demo account usage. Therefore we need to know your live account ID before we send you the prize software. (One exception is that for Lucky Pip MT5 to MT4 Trade Copier, you don't need any live account.)  Also one person can received only one prize.