Get Risk Management Tool to assist your trading And it's free

One single most important factor in the financial trading world is to control your risk. We found two interesting observations when we train Junior Forex Traders. Firstly until the trader understand the Risk Management, the trader's expected return isn't consistent. For example, some trader earns 100% in a month but they lose 100% in next month. This is not the path we recommend for you. Secondly after the risk management is taught, the traders really start to enjoy the trading. It is because they know that their risk is controlled and they have a piece of mind even with holding overnight position. We want you to be profitable but we also want you to enjoy trading with our software too. Therefore, we provide Risk Management Tool to you for free of charge. It is originally designed to work with our software including Harmonic Pattern Plus, Price Breakout Pattern Scanner and Sideways Market Analyzer. However this Risk Management Tool will work on its own without other Software. So please enjoy your trading with this free tool. How to use this tool is very simple. The tool will calculate the lot size according to your specified Risk per Balance when you enter Stop Loss and Take Profit in points value.

  • Recommended Risk per Balance is 1% (0.01) to 3% (0.03) depending on your trading skills and experience for each trade.
  • Recommended to enter trade if Take Profit is greater than Stop Loss unless you are scalper.
  • Aim 3 to 5 trades per day at least.

We provide the Risk Management Tool for both Meta Trader 4 and Meta Trader 5. Just click the link below to download this software.


Get Free Risk Management Tool for MetaTrader 4

Get Free Risk Management Tool for MetaTrader 5