Introduction to Harmonic Pattern Scenario Planner

The present state of Forex market can go through many different possible price paths to reach its future destination. Future is dynamic. Therefore, planning your trade with possible future scenario is an important step for your success. To meet such a concept, we introduce the Predictive harmonic Pattern Scanner, Harmonic Pattern Scenario Planner. By simulating many possible price scenario, which can happen in the future, the Harmonic Pattern Scenario Planner can show you the potential future Harmonic Patterns in advance. Of course, the indicator will also show you the Harmonic Patterns formed in the present too.  Knowing how present patterns will evolve into the future, you can take advantage of early planning. With our indicator, you can think at least 30 steps ahead in the future. You can gain countless benefits from this early planning. We are really proud of introducing this revolutionary Indicator to our Forex community.





How Harmonic Pattern Scenario Planner detect future Harmonic Pattern?

There are powerful simulation techniques known to generate possible future price patterns like Monte Carlos Simulation, Brownian motion simulation, etc. To do so, we need to understand the price behaviour including distribution and its randomness. Then we repeat the simulation as many times as possible to identify various future price path. Some future price path may be very important to note by traders whereas some other price path may be insignificant. The Harmonic Pattern Scenario Planner collects those significant price path only. It shows the traders future Harmonic Patterns which will be formed if the present price take that future price path to reach the destination. According to our experience working with many investors and traders, this is what the most informed traders do before their important trading decision with huge amount of capital.


So how to analyze future scenario with Harmonic Pattern Scenario Planner

Even for the time being I am writing this, many savvy traders will analyze their trading scenario for hours and hours during night and day. I can imagine that lines, triangles, circles and rectangles and different technical indicators are flying around their charts. Harmonic Pattern Scenario Planner is very clever as it can do the same task as what veteran human traders can do in automatic manner. However, Harmonic Pattern Scenario Planner will not even miss any single opportunity in your charts. It will generate hundred different future scenarios for you as well as telling you what is happening for the present time. All these vital information can be controlled with one mouse click. Seriously, navigating different future scenario will be done in efficient manner. You won't need your technical analyst to send you tonnes of reports with different scenario but you can simply navigate each future scenario one by one. Dig more on important future scenario and skip some unimportant future scenario. Just like the good chess players plan many steps ahead of their opponent to win the game of chess, you will be able to plan ahead of other traders to beat the market.






Advantage of Harmonic Pattern Scenario Planner

By knowing future Harmonic Patterns even before they are formed, you can take many advantages.

  • Overcome Repainting issue with already formed Harmonic Pattern
  • Pip saving by acting early
  • Worst case scenario planning before trade entry
  • Early identification of important support and resistance lines automatically in advance
  • More accurate prediction of entry and exit timing

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